It did not matter how much Isaac would be kept away from his dad's drums, it was a matter of time before everyone in his family would realize that he too had "it"; the music was in his veins and he would inevitably end up following in his father's footsteps. Isaac, the grandson of Rafael Velasquez a great trumpeter and Jazz Pionner in Venezuela and the son of Ivan Velasquez, the most feared drummer in the Venezuelan music industry was destined to be the one to continue the musical legacy in his family. Because his father's full time job consisted of rehearsals, live concerts and recording sessions Isaac's favorite thing to do was "accompany him to work" and study the ropes of what it entailed to be a drummer.

When he was 10 years old he studied at a local music school, but he wasn't enjoying it. Why? Because his parents registered him in piano lessons and all he could think of were sticks and drums, still he completed two years. When he was 12 years old he attended the Los Teques Music Conservatory, studied orchestral percussion and was part of the youth Symphony Orchestra where he played Timpani Drums and Snare Drum. At times he was also invited to perform with the San Antonio de Los Altos Youth Symphony Orchestra. Isaac continued to sharpen his skills and developed great musical sense and technique. In 2003 he moved with his family to the US.

At the age of 19 Isaac started working professionally playing locally and doing recording sessions for various artists in a wide range of music genres. In 2010 he was part of the Live Band on a TV show called "Battalla de Las Americas", a singing competition show that was broadcasted in over 30 countries. He has gone on US tours with Fanny Lu (Latin Grammy Nominee) and Charlie Zaa, both known Colombian artists. In 2011 Isaac was approached to become a member of a house band for a high-end club located in the heart of Brickell called Kukaramakara. This club has earned the name "The House of Artists" because from the beginning they have supported the passage of many groups, bands and soloists who have found their stage suitable habitat to develop their careers.  Isaac has worked with Fanny Lu, Guillermo Davila, Karina, Charlie Zaa, Marcela Cardenas, Erika Ender, Los del Rio, Chelito De Castro, Leo Quintero, Milton Salcedo, Federico Britos, Andres Cepeda, Dave Muse (Firefall), Nestor Torres among others. Isaac became a well-respected drummer in the Miami music scene.

At the end of 2018 Isaac relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. He has been working with local artists on different projects and playing live around the city. Also he has been working with producer Justine Blazer in the studio and playing with her live band The Justine Blazer Band.